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MEMBERSHIP CLASSES. This Association shall have two classes of memberships: voting and non-voting. There is no limit as to the number of individuals from a single organization who can be a member but one individual from the organization is the designated voting member for the organization.

DUES. The Board of Directors shall have the right to determine the dues or other payments to be made by the members of the Association from time to time. The membership year for the members of the Association shall be the same as the fiscal year of the Association. The annual dues of each member shall be paid prior to the beginning of the membership year. If a member joins the Association during the fiscal year, the membership dues will be a pro-rata share of the annual dues based on the date of membership in the Association. The pro-rata dues for new members may be waived by the Board of Directors for an individual or for all new members during a given fiscal year. Dues may also be waived by the Board of Directors for community and emergency organizations. The annual dues will be $150.00 per annum for voting members and $100 per annum for non-voting members, which will cover the costs of four (4) meetings (lunch) per year and costs associated with the administration of the Association.

ELIGIBILITY FOR MEMBERSHIP. Membership eligibility will be to employees of companies which have a business continuity and recovery planning function or otherwise have an interest in establishing such a function. Businesses whose primary or secondary source of revenue is derived from the sale of business continuity and recovery related products and services are not eligible for membership, unless said person is responsible for the businesses continuity and/or recovery planning. Current members between jobs may continue to participate as a non-voting member for the duration of the physical year at which point they must submit an application for membership to the Board of Directors. Dues will be determined as provided in SECTION 2. The Association Board of Directors is responsible for approving applicants for membership.

LIABILITY OF MEMBERS. The members of the Association shall not be liable for the debt and obligations of the Association.

GUESTS. Members are encouraged to invite guests to the Association meetings, but the number of guests may be limited at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Guests will be charged a fee of $20.00 which will cover the cost of the lunch and other associated expenses.

Voting Member annual dues are $100 with only one voting member per company. Additional annual memberships from a member institution will be $50 per person.

Voting Member - $100 Annual Fee
Additional Non-Voting Member - $50

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